Saturday, June 7, 2014

A man, a plan, Detroit


Detroit has had its share of bad ideas. Construct a nearly windowless convention center on the river? Check. Build an office complex that looks like a silo, isolating workers from the downtown? Done that.

So where do you place an idea of developing an investment district on the city’s East side? It involves an airport, an outlet to the river, rail lines, areas for industrial development and plenty of space for retail and residential growth. Kinda intriguing, yes?
It’s the kind of idea that, on paper, looks pretty feasible. That is why the dreams of builder Rodney M. Lockwood Jr. are interesting. Granted, he comes with some baggage (he came up with theCommonwealth of Belle Isle book/idea; more on that later). But he, like many business leaders in Metro Detroit, is investing his hours, money and expertise in an effort to reimagine what Detroit could be in the near future. And that’s not all bad.
Source: The Detroit Hub. Read article. (link)

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